Gardens Pool Service for Palm Beach County

We have earned our reputation with our consistent quality in addition to services for your pool. Our Pool Professionals will provide weekly cleanings and check the chemicals in your water. We provide a list below of the other maintenance we perform to insure you swim in safe and clean water. There is no need to dive into a green swimming pool as all you need to do is call us at (561) 203-1900.

Fun and Exercise with Florida Swimming Pools

Our Pool Professionals providing these weekly cleaning services so that you can have a tremendous amount of fun. We realize that swimming and other water-related activities in the pool are perfect systems for getting an essential amount of physical activity. We are prepared to offer the swimming pool water which is necessary for your enjoyment.

Palm Beach Gardens Swimming Pool Troubleshooting

Many people with pools are not exactly experienced with the pool equipment. The water chemistry is very important as our technicians are experienced to get the levels required. The movement and or lack of circulation of the water can make problems for your pool. The swimming pool techs which we send out are trained to find any issues which need attention.

The Need for Chlorine in your Pool

The chlorine which we use is needed to kill the bacteria. Our technicians will test your swimming pool water subsequently with heavy usage so we can add extra chlorine if it is necessary. The total chlorine is the sum of free and combined chlorine levels for technical terms. Our professionals will carefully monitor these levels for the best swimming settings.

Maintaining Sufficient Pool Water Levels

The weekly service we provide will help maintain the pool water level to keep it in proper order. The level is noted to be set between one third or one half to the opening of the pool skimmer. Many pools from Jupiter to Juno Beach can lose a certain amounts of water each day. This can be from evaporation or extra large splashing water out of your pool. Our technicians will monitor if you are losing excessive amounts of water. If that is happening well then there could be a leak. Our Pool Servicers will look to be sure that there are no loose tiles and cracks in your swimming pool deck service. If your water is moving very slow towards the skimmer then the debris might not be pulled into the equipment.

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This list below is just some of the specialties performed by our Skilled Team:

  • Skim the Leaves and Debris off the Top
  • Clean the Bottom of the Pool
  • Vacuum and Brush the Pool
  • Clean Skimmer Baskets and Pump Baskets
  • Clean the Pool Filters
  • Test Chemical Levels and record the results
  • We provide an Inspection of Pool Equipment
  • Adjust Chemical Levels to appropriate Levels
  • Adjust and Maintain the Pool Timers